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Mood Dog Collar Charm

Mood Dog Collar Charm

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Know how your pet feels! The Mood Dog Collar Charm will help you gain insight into your pet's heart, mind & needs. Attach to the collar & watch as the mood stone changes colors revealing your pet's inner emotions. 

This enchanting charm comes in a sleek, polished gold finish and features a color-changing mood stone that reacts to your pet's emotional state. The charm is designed to clip on to any collar easily, making it an effortless and stylish addition to your pet's everyday wear.

The Mood Dog Collar Charm is the perfect gift for any pet lover who wants to deepen their connection with their furry friend. This charm is not only a beautiful addition to your pet's wardrobe but also a functional tool that will help you understand and connect with your pet on a deeper level. So, attach the Mood Dog Collar Charm to your pet's collar today and discover a whole new level of understanding and communication with your furry best friend.

Mood Stone, Gold Polish Hardware, Engraved Logo, Split Ring Attachment 

Made in the U.S.A.

Designed & hand-crafted in Marin County, California


Plated Brass

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Size Chart

Height: 1.0"
Width: 0.8"

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