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Hearttrob Collar Charm-Rose Gold

Hearttrob Collar Charm-Rose Gold

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Introducing "Heartthrob"-the perfect charm to symbolize the love you have for your furry BFF! This metal heart-shaped charm features a ribbing texture that catches the light with every move, making it the perfect accessory for any stylish pup.

With a secure clasp, the Heartthrob Collar Charm easily attaches to any collar, giving your dog the chance to wear it on their everyday collar or even on their leash. Its durable design ensures that it will stay shiny and new for years to come, even after all those play sessions and walks.

Not only is the Heartthrob Collar Charm a stylish accessory, but it also symbolizes the love you have for your pet. Whenever you're out and about with your furry friend, this charm will show everyone that they are a cherished and beloved part of your family.

Perfect for any breed and any size dog, this charm is a timeless accessory that will never go out of style. Give your furry friend the love they deserve and show off their personality with the Heartthrob Collar Charm.

FINISH: Shiny Rose Gold

Designed in Marin County, California


Plated Brass

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Size Chart

Height: 1.25"
Width: 0.9"

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